Eco Solar Tower Light Supplier in UAE 

Having a clearly lit site is essential for every project. Our Eco Tower Lights provide a practical and safe solution to ensuring your site is clearly lit at all times. Whether this is for work taking place during the day in the darker winter months, to allow work to continue into the night, or for security purposes once the sun has set.

The Eco  Solar Tower Lights are compact and easy to transport from site to site.

Product Description

The QuietGene ECO-UPG-STL mobile eco solar Tower
light is powered 100% from renewable energy.
LED lights, Solar-gel type batteries to provide
efficient and eco friendly illumination for
various applications. This innovative lighting
system is ideal for special events, stadiums,
construction sites, boarders security and other
scenarios requiring on-demand lighting.

The high efficiency, clean energy tower light
can illuminate an area of 2100/3600 sqm from
4 adjustable LED lighting heads and a 8.5 m
electrical/manual mast


  • Zero noise pollution
  • Zero carbon emission
  • Zero fuel consumption
  • 2100/3600 sqm of illuminated space guaranteed 8.5 m vertical mast with wind stability of up to 22.5 m/s
  • Auto start/stop light sensor
  • Automatic/manual mast safety system