Generator Supplier in Saudi Arabia


Ultra Power Generator FZC (UPG) continues developed to fulfill customer needs in Generators set, compressor, industrial and agricultural. Perkins Generator in Saudi Arabia is the most salable, viable in Saudi market throughout the year.


Ultra Power Generator FZC (UPG) brought power, security utmost level of comfort to our customers. We can deliver Perkins Generator in Saudi conveniently, flexible and can be configured to meet customers’ needs no matter what applications might be.


Ultra Power Generator FZC (UPG) always available to our customers of Perkins Generator when require dependability in the harshest surrounding and the most demanding conditions and efficiently give the most power generation at an affordable price.


If you need Generators in Saudi Arabia and so many different types of generators to choose from, Perkins Generator is the best to choose, it has most fuel-efficient generators revolutionary simple design an economical high quality.


Our large supplies in UAE of Perkins Generator can source in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Africa. We supply Perkins diesel generators worldwide. We provide mobile, standby and prime diesel generators specifically Perkins Generator set.


Ultra Power Generator FZC (UPG) have been helping customers by providing backup power generators during emergencies and situations require having backup power on a regular basis that have thousands of different applications. Perkins Generator known for its advanced engineering and technology, has become synonymous with high-performance diesel engines. Perkins Generator in Saudi Available from 10 KVA to  2250 KVA .