Tower Light

Perkins Tower Light

The Perkins Tower 9m hydraulically activated pole stretches out to full stature within 13 seconds. It ensures that work can be done all night by providing 360,000 lumens. The Pole turns 360° shedding light wherever it is needed. The tower is stable and safe even for working on uneven ground. The size is not that big and can be easily transported on roads.

Other properties include road signal lights, soundproof, single point life for loading and unloading, removable doors and external fuel filling point.

Kubota Powered Tower Light

Fueled by a Kubota engine, 4×1000 watt metal halide lamps, and a 30-foot adaptable tower that pivots 360 degrees for optimum lighting flexibility. The quiet process offers the greatest adaptability for any application.
The vast fuel tank design gives more than 50 hours of nonstop running time. In the case of lighting a development work site at night or amid a planned shutdown site, Our light towers are the best option for different uses like construction sites, mining fields, rental organizations, and public equipment services.
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